Robert Cohen Architect LLC offers internships in these positions: Architecture & Accounting. 

You must be flexible and interested in doing multiple tasks. You must show initiative and take responsibility for the work you do while you are assisting in the office. You must be willing to be an enthusiastic hard working member of the small team required to carefully produce documents and tasks from design to construction.

Architecture Internship

Robert Cohen offers the chance to learn how the entire office operation works and how to develop the work to meet the needs of each client. He is happy to teach all the aspects of this small office so you can run a small office on your own in the future or gain valuable insights.

The qualified candidate will be a student or a recent graduate. Any candidate with some or all of the skills listed below will be considered.

Skills and experience preferred:

  • Record existing conditions, and code information required for each project
  • Draft quickly and accurately existing conditions, designs, construction drawings, develop presentation drawings, send plots to printers by email or to send prints to in house plotter
  • Design and technical problem solving
  • Accurate drawing and annotation/labeling/dimensioning in drafting of
  • Construction drawings 
  • Research appropriate materials and products finding their costs, lead-time and availability
  • Ordering samples and information
  • Excellent model making skills
  • High quality communication skills with all parties especially clients, telephone research,  working with consultants, careful note taking, letter writing, proposal writing, e-mailing with attachments.
  • Graphic skills in developing brochure and updating website or other marketing tools.
  • Knowledge of AutoCAD LT 2006 or AutoCAD 2002, Adobe Photoshop, Word and Excel


  • Build physical architectural models or 3-d computer models of projects as needed
  • Draft plans, elevations, sections and details using AutoCAD
  • Assist in maintenance of office resource library and material sample library
  • Assist with filing and administrative duties in the office

Please refer to the contact information here to apply for this opportunity.

Accounting Internship

The accounting intern will have the opportunity to gain valuable experience in accounting through involvement in all aspects of the firm’s finances. Main duties include organizing financial documents by type of expenses and income; categorizing transactions and make appropriate journal entries; post to corresponding accounts, and prepare annual income statements.

The qualified candidate will be at least a college sophomore pursuing a major in finance or accounting, with a basic knowledge in Microsoft Excel.

Skills required:

  • Organization skills
  • Attention to details
  • Communication Skills
  • Ability to work with minimum supervision
  • Ability to understand Excel formulas
  • Ability to navigate between linked worksheets within a single Excel file


  • Using pre-programmed excel worksheet, enter receipts one by one  and by category using pre-determined codes built in the system
  • Analyze each receipt to determine the right account to charge
  • Number each receipt both manually and in the worksheet for tracking purposes
  • Sort, filter, and calculate subtotals to ensure that category totals correspond with income statement line totals
  • File all documents accordingly

The intern will have the convenience of having some or most of the job performed at home with remote supervision. Please refer to the contact information here to apply for this opportunity.