The Coalition for the Preservation of Modern Architecture
The Coalition for the Preservation of Modern Architecture
The Coalition for the Preservation of Modern Architecture

Concerned individuals, organizations and businesses have formed the Coalition for the Preservation of Modern Architecture, a new organization dedicated to the preemptive preservation of culturally significant modern structures.

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Goals: The Coalition's goal is to prevent the loss of important examples of modern architecture which are being routinely destroyed. Some private homes, such as the Farnsworth house by Mies van der Rohe, were saved at the last minute. Others, like the Micheel’s house in Westport, CT, by Paul Rudolph, the Raymond House in Belmont, MA, the Catalano house in Raleigh, NC and Neutra’s Maslon House in Rancho Mirage, CA were not as fortunate. The Ennis house in Los Angeles CA by Frank Lloyd Wright is currently endangered. Preservation efforts often come too little, and too late.

The Coalition’s goal is to connect proactive individuals, groups and organizations to promote collaborations, pool resources, provide educational programs and materials, set priorities and standards, and encourage advocacy in the interest of ensuring the survival of these important structures.

Mission: The Coalition for the Preservation of Modern Architecture is to be an alliance of individuals as well as organizations, large and small, dedicated to preserving modern architecture. The participating members and organizations will work collaboratively to advance common goals and objectives.

-Support the Past: Support existing educational and historical documentation efforts.

-Support the Present: Support current efforts to educate the general public about modernism and its impact on the culture of the 20th and 21st centuries. Support lobbying efforts to create laws to preserve important works of modern architecture and art. Provide advocacy instruction, tools, and support for the preservation of these structures when they are endangered.

-Support the Future: Create a forum for dialogue about the modernist movement; its goals, ideals, and its future. For example a yearly symposium could be held in which architectural historians, architects, museums, universities, preservation organizations and others would participate.

Current Steering Committee:
Jeff Matz
Joseph Goldstein
Martin Skrelunas
Robert Cohen
Victoria Lyon